Building emails from scratch

I shoot a lot of footwear over the course of a season, some imagery will get used more than others - it's important to identify which styles have more investment and which we need to push more. I also have a hand graphic design and build consumer emails for

This recent email I put together was inspired after binge watching the first series of Stranger Things - and being alive in the 80's it bought it all back! I left a sneaky preview on Instagram as I was preparing this artwork...I'd really appreciate it if you head over there and give IShootShoes a follow.



The hero shot for this email has also been used in a recent catalogue and has been adapted for use online as a homepage banner with another example homepage banner my photography has been used on: It's worth noting that I've only adapted the artwork created for the 2 homepage banners - it was originally created by a colleague for our Walktall catalogue, also it's still work in progress.


Back again soon with some more footwear related posts!


Will :)



Colour matching

As any commercial photographer will know, getting accurate colours is one of the most important factors in getting the best results for your client. It doesn't help when you're told the lining of a product is much lighter than the sample you're supplied with, fear not - we'll get it right in the end.

This is a small example of some of the work that can go into getting the right colours across in images - sometimes we'll move logos, change lace colours, remove dirt and lots more if we don't get a clean sample. If you'd like to know more about the processes involved, drop me a message on the contact form.



Finding my Virginity

Psst..guess what? Like many other photographers I spread myself between different genres of photography. My main job is with shoes, but I get to shoot lots of other exciting things alongside footwear!

I'm bringing this up, as I was pretty lucky to be asked to shoot the launch of Richard Branson's new autobigraphy last week. Although this image isn't one Virgin chose to use, I think it was probably my favourite shot of the day.


Richard Branson


I was shooting for Penguin Random House and Virgin for this. After a busy evening the Penguin Random House team had 2 minutes with Richard for an interview. I was only able to shoot while they mic’d him up, otherwise camera noise would interfere with the brief interview, after which he was whisked quickly away by his team to his dressing room.

This was his last stop of a incredibly busy first day publicising his new book, after coming from his previous engagement on The One Show on BBC1 across London on the back of a motorbike to The Troxy theatre for the evening. If you're interested in seeing more of my work, please do - You'll find lots more than just shoes, go take a peek and let me know what you think.




Having a sing-song in the studio! :D




Shoot - Running Shoes

I get to work with a lot of different brands with Walktall - which is great when it comes to shooting the quarterly catalogues as it provides a welcome break from the studio and lets me get out and shoot the footwear outdoors.


The image below is actually me. On these shoots I tend to be photographer, model and everything in between - certainly increases the level of the challenge.


There were a lot of things I had to keep in mind about the composition of this shot, the final image would be cropped, only using the top two thirds (ish) of the image - there had to be space to add product information and prices on this image as it was being used as a hero shot for the page and I also had to keep the product as big as possible (no-one would buy them if they can't see what they're looking at).


I set this shot up and picked a point on the road to focus on and set to manual focus - auto focus wouldn't work in this situation as I would be moving through the frame and I couldn't guarantee sharp focus where I wanted it. As always, I'm set up in manual mode - I chose a fairly high shutter speed at 1/640 to freeze the action, at f4 and ISO 200 and manual white balance.


As I was the model and photographer for this shoot - as is usually the case when shooting this kind of thing, I use my wireless triggers and hold it in my hidden hand. The trick here was to pace out my steps and make sure my right foot would be landing on my marker in the road (just a small stone I found by the side of the road) - Using my Nikon D750 on continuous high mode (6.5 fps) I was taking around 3 shots per attempt, getting all kinds of various leg positions (I didn't want to be flying or hopping) - in the end I had the pick from around 6 images I was happy with - this one seemed to be one of the more natural running positions and you can see some tension in the calf muscles which shows the runner is moving. The image was tweaked in Capture One Pro to make sure colours were as accurate as possible - and this was the final image.


I picked this location as it's a really quiet road and the view is fantastic, but not too distracting - I want the shoes and runner to be the first thing your eyes are drawn to.




Hi-Tec Silver Shadow

One recent shot used on a homepage banner, of the Hi-Tec Silver Shadow - a real classic running trainer. Fun facts - this style is issued by the armed forces in the UK and in 1981, it's launch year, 23% of the runners in the London Marathon wore it. 



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At the time of writing, there's a fairly miserable 18 Twitter followers and 35 Instagram - but then they've only really been active for a couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue and all that!


All for now, Will

SS17 Ecco Styles - shot ready for social media campaigns throughout the season.


Welcome to 2017

A big warm welcome from to the new year.

January is a relatively quiet period of the season before the mad SS17 rush comes along shooting catalogues and hundreds of new products for web listings. So it's a great chance to shoot some creative product images - one of the first jobs of the year for me is to increase our image bank of evergreen products, this bank of images is something we dip into throughout the year - so the more images we have available, the better! Here's a pair of Hunter Argyll wellies for your viewing pleasure...



All the best for 2017 - thanks, Will


Timberland - Samples

I recently had some SS17 Timberland sample come in, after shooting the web imagery for all the styles (2/3 angles of each, which will be prepped to be "web ready" for their launch in March 17), I produce imagery we're able to promote the products with, normally some still life or lifestyle shots we can use across social media, as hero shots on email campaigns and in consumer mailouts. 

I had a bit of fun with this shot in the photo studio - I wanted to make them come to life and create a striking, attention grabbing image and feel I achieved what I set out to do. These aren't due for release until March next year - so it's a little preview of what's to come from Timberland!

Thanks, Will




A warm welcome to

Welcome to - a website born out of love for footwear photography. This section of the site will won't just be about shoes, you'll find things from my favourite music selections to funny cat videos and everything in between, basically anything I feel deserves a share, hence the name. 

Here's a little example of some recent work - on the left is the final image I produced after coming up with the concept for a pair of Nike Air Max Motion, and the right is after being artworked. 

Nike Air Max Motion - BlackNike Air Max Motion - Black


The Gallery will get regular updates, and I will go into more detail about some of the posts here - maybe some of my post production techniques if there's interest. My main portfolio website is for anyone who would like to see more of my work including gigs and festivals, events and the odd landscape, where prints will be available very soon! Exciting stuff! Please get in touch if you have any questions about my photography via the Contact page.


Thanks for looking, Will