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Gold in circular saw blade grinding problems needing attention of
Date time: 2013/01/25     View count: 6080
In the use of gold disc grinding should pay attention to the elements:
1, cooling fluid grinding quality decision lies in the grinding fluid.
Grinding generates a lot of tungsten Gu, emery wheel powder, not timely flushing tool surface and cleaning the grinding wheel blowhole, causing surface grinding tool cannot grind out finish, no enough cooling will burn alloy.
2, the grinding mechanism of gear grinding effect.
Metal circular saw blade grinding quality lies in the model structure and assembly, the present market about kind type: one kind is Germany's floating ink type. The types of the vertical mill pin, the advantage all adopt hydraulic stepless movement, all feed system adopts V rail and ball screw work, grinding head or the big arm using feed benign, return fast rewind and jaw cylinder control heart, a piece of agile reliable, pull out tooth accurate positioning, saw positioning heart strong automatic centering, arbitrary Angle adjustment, cooling flushing is reasonable, realize human-machine interface, ground pin high precision, pure grinder reasonable design; Second is the horizontal, such as Taiwan, Japan models existing mechanical transmission gear and mechanical clearance dovetail sliding accuracy is poor, jaw smooth performance is low, a heart adjusting difficulty is big, pull out tooth institutions or poor reliability, plane two side and or so after Angle is not a heart grinding, produce the deviation Angle, difficult to control, mechanical wear to ensure accuracy.
3, welding factors.
When welding alloy on a big deviation degree, influence grinding accuracy, causing side grinding head pressure big, side pressure is small, the posterior horn also produce the above factors, the welding Angle difference, human factors, the inevitable for grinding wheel have influence factors such as inevitable. 4, grinding wheel quality and size width influence.
Selection of grinding wheel wear in gold a little, and pay attention to grinding particle size, particle size a coarse grinding produce wheel trace, wheel selection of fine granularity easily blocked grinding quantity is little, easy to burn tool. The diameter of grinding wheel and grinding wheel width thickness is according to the alloy length size or different profile and alloy each surface condition and decide, not a posterior horn or anterior horn wheel specification as can be arbitrary grinding different profile, there must be targeted to choose suitable for specification grinding wheel.
4, grinding head feed speed.
Alloy saw blade grinding quality fully determined in the grinding head feed speed related, general metal circular saw blades feed speed in 0.5 to 6 mm/SEC. That is not more than the value of every minute should be within twenty tooth, super in every minute and tooth feed speed is too big, can have serious knife tumor or burn alloy, wheel produce uneven surface caused by the grinding accuracy waste of grinding wheel.
5, grinding head amount of feed, choose wheel size on the amount of feed has very important significance.
General grinding wheel the proposal chooses 180 # and 240 # 240 # to choose very quantity 280 # 280 # shall not choose to 320 #, or to adjust the feeding speed.
6, grinding heart.
All of the saw blade grinding the and the base for the heart, not with cutting edge for heart, plane grinding heart to take not to come out, after Angle, front Angle with processing heart can sharpen a saw, grinding three process saw the heart can not be ignored. Grinding side Angle is careful observation alloy thickness, thickness different grinding heart changed, no matter how the thickness of the alloy, grinding surface grinding wheel core wire should be and welding a keep in a straight line, or produce Angle difference influence cutting.
7, pull out tooth mechanism can not be ignored.
Any gear grinding machine no matter how structure, pull out tooth coordinate accuracy design to knife quality, in the adjustable unit pull out tooth needle pressure in the tooth surface reasonable position, and don't with move is very key to the back teeth, pull out tooth claw should be agile and reliable.
8, jaw mechanism:
Jaw agency firm was stable and reliable, and is the main part of any quality knife, knife when jaw institution shall not have any loose, or gear grinding deviation serious out of control.
9, grinding stroke.
No matter any part of the saw blade grinding, grinding head grinding stroke is very important, general requirements wheel beyond the 1 mm or exit 1 millimeter advisable, otherwise the tooth surface produce two surface edge.
10, program options:
Blade general Settings are rough and fine grinding, three different program selection, depending on the degree of product requirements to choose, finally grinding rake Angle is recommended to use fine grinding process.
11, matrix deformation, inconsistent thickness, hole tolerance big.
The matrix congenital defect problems, no matter what type of equipment, in grinding error. Matrix deformation to two side Angle produces deviation; Matrix thickness inconsistency of the Angle and the Angle of cutting edge produces deviation, where there is a cumulative tolerance is too large, saw blade quality and accuracy have been affected.


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